Strict budget. Earn money back!


Living in Hawaii we are always either looking for deals, having to work multiple jobs, or looking to save money- everything is so expensive.

I just stumbled across a few money back apps. I’m soooo mad because I could’ve earned back soooo much money just on going to the movies alone!

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You must open the other apps THROUGH Ibotta to start earning cash back. Or shop online. I’m still learning this one but you pick offers (online or in store) and scan your receipts. I’ve seen friends earning $100’s back!


Link your card and automatically earn cash back when you use your linked card at qualifying places. You get $1.00 just for linking your card.

Receipt hog

No referral code/link but just scan your receipts and you can redeem coins for money.

Vape Mall


If you’re like me and you hate going to malls to pick up ONE item, such as vape juice.. driving in circles, just trying to find parking to grab a single item.. I found this site to order cheap juices and mods!

Click above to start shopping! I’ve already put in my first order. $2.99 flat rate shipping, free shipping on orders over $65.

Living in Hawaii– $2.99 flat rate is a godsend! 🙌🏼


Single Use Plastic


Do you ever actually think about how much plastic is in our daily lives?

Everywhere you look.. PLASTIC!

Chairs, tables, cups, containers, bags, cars, windows, doors, key FOBs.. etc.

Video: Jason Momoa’s IG prideofgypsies

Everyone should do their part and stop using single use plastic bottles! Hawai’i has already had a plastic bag ban.

Although I don’t quite understand the concept of banning plastic grocery bags, when our rubbish bags are also plastic.. not only are they plastic, they are LARGER and DURABLE! What other alternative is there that we can use to dispose of our rubbish?

If you have never seen the effects of plastic in the albatross on Midway Atoll or seen the video of a plastic straw being removed from a turtle’s nose.. please educate yourself. We need to help eliminate plastic altogether!

How you can do your part:

  • Buy reusable water bottles
  • Buy reusable metal straws
  • Bring tote bags with you when grocery shopping
  • Stop buying plastic utensils
  • If you go to the beach, pick up any plastic that you see
  • Buy glass Tupperware
  • Find alternatives for plastic items.

  • Homelessness on Oahu


    I’ve grown up on Oahu and just within the past maybe 3 years, the homeless situation has grown out of hand.

    There was a “No Sit No Lie” law that was passed but there doesn’t seem to be much change in anything. The homeless “camps” have doubled if not tripled in size. Every so often the cops will do a sweep and just throw away their belongings. This doesn’t seem to solve or help the problem at all; You throw away their items, they are just going to steal items from each other or from hard working individuals.

    While I’m at work during the week, there’s a homeless ‘camp’ just across the street at a shut down restaurant- they just hang out there all day with their tarps and belongings all over the place just making house. It was also covering the sidewalk.

    There used to be homeless living out of their vehicles just on the other side. Eventually all the vehicles got towed. This didn’t make the homeless people happy at all- in fact, the next day a couple set a fire to trash that was on the sidewalk.. and the fire caught to a nearby telephone pole as well a couple vehicles that were parked there. I witnessed this happen and it was scary as hell!

    Down in Chinatown, they are all over the place. You can’t pass a bus stop or sidewalk without seeing someone asleep or tweeking. At nighttime, it’s even worse. They will sleep in the doorways of businesses while they are closed for the night. At A’Ala Park, there are so many tents and tarps that just line up the sidewalk and park.

    At Kaka’ako where there is also a Children’s Discovery Center, it’s gotta be one of the larger homeless camps. Just streets lined with tents and tarps and carts.

    All throughout the day, especially in town, Honolulu, you constantly see homeless people tweeking and yelling. It’s worse in town than any other area on Oahu. Except the west side, in Waianae- that’s where I first saw homeless camps in the brush. Randomly tucked away in the trees heading towards Yokohama Beach.

    It’s just a tough situation to deal with. Some of them do not want the help, they just want to live free and rent free. Some ended up there not voluntarily, and do want the help but just don’t know what to do.

    I really would like to know what tourists think when they come here and see these homeless camps.. and what they really think of Hawaii.

    Clothing Box subscription


    I used to subscribe to this monthly clothing box, it was totally worth it- you don’t pay until you decide to keep items and they pack a pre-post-aged bag to return rest of items in. You have 3 days to return items or you can go into the app and change the date you will be returning items. You get a stylist and you take a style quiz so they can learn your style. Some items are kind of pricey but I’ve gotten a few beautiful pieces for decent prices.

    They have for kids, women and men. You can choose the frequency you receive your boxes. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, annually..

    I had to quit the subscription to cut down on my unnecessary monthly costs. 😩

    Here’s my referral code if your interested and want to try:

    You can cancel it anytime. I have my account on hold until I can afford to do it again.



    holy crap! I would love to be able to afford to go and check out this new MARVEL LAND being launched in 2020.

    Marvel attractions are also planned to open at Hong Kong Disneyland in 2023, Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris in 2020 and at the Epcot park in Florida in 2021.

    There’s going to be a Spider-Man attraction! This sounds super fun.

    The old It’s Tough To Be A Bug theater building will be repurposed for a new Spider-Man attraction, but not the swinging roller coaster ride that was rumored. This attraction is screen-based (likely 3D) like Toy Story Midway Mania, with guests employing web-shooters to catch criminals in New York City.


    Does that NOT sound like it would hella fun to be like Spider-Man 🤣

    There’s a list of future expected rides & attractions.: these sound amazing!

    • Doctor Strange stage show
    • Avengers roller coaster
    • Restaurant (no theme mentioned)
    • Ant-man micro brewery
  • Crazy Accident


    Friends always tell me I should make a page and report news.. well, I only find out about what’s going on because I see other posts.

    Photo: IG: meanhawaii

    So CRAZY!! I hope everyone is ok and survives. Seems the tow truck lost their brakes, as they were towing a large truck. I can’t imagine being in one of those 12 vehicles and suddenly being pushed by a large tow truck– having NO control.

    Where I live on this side of the island, there are three highways- depending which area you are coming from. They’ve been doing construction on Pali Highway because the fricken old Pali Highway above crumbled down below! So really.. if one highway shuts down or a major accident happens… traffic is horrendous! 😩



    do you ever stop and think of all the rubbish and plastic bags that ends up on the beaches and in the oceans? Sea life think they are food.. if you see any kind of rubbish on the ground- PICK IT UP.    Don’t just STARE at it. Do you feel ashamed to be picking up someone else’s rubbish? Why? Tourists and locals could enjoy the beauty of Oahu even MORE if there wasn’t rubbish flying around  . Smokers DO NOT throw your cigarette butts on the ground or dig it into the sand.. throw it away!


    Do your part and pick up a piece of rubbish on the ground everyday. Pass this message along to others. If everyone did their share, this could be a beautiful place again.

    I am thinking of putting together a beach clean up event.